Looking for a last minute present?

Christmas 2016


Need an inspiration for last minute Christmas gifts?

Find perfect Christmas gift ideas in any price range for her and all your loved one.

under 100 euro


From left to right:

01. DETTAGLI Necklace in brass & plastic on sale 20 euro 02. GOGOPHILIP rigid collar in rose gold 80 euro 03. TAOLEI Gray Velvet choker with 18K gold plated metal and silver crystal Drop 19 euro 04. PILI POK ceramic Necklace 92 euro 05. FOSSIL gorgeous bracelet with constellation 49 euro 06. ETTIKA Celebutante bracelet 28 euro 07. MARC BY MARC JACOBS bracelet in brass & nylon 32 euro 08. OBLIQUE CREATIONS leather bracelet 45 euro 09. NADINE S ring in 18k gold-plated bronze 35 euro 10. NADINE S stars earrings in silver gold plated 75 euro 11. MAIOCCI earrings in steel 49 euro 12. UNO DE 50 earrings in pewter plated silver 59 euro 13. MICHAEL KORS ring in stainless steel 69 euro

between 100 & 200 euro

From left to right:

01. LE BEBé earrings The Baby in the sissy version, made of white gold with 9ct gauge enamel-white girl and butterfly closure 119 euro  02. RASPINI coco earrings in silver 150 euro 03. MARNI ring with semi-presciuos stone 200 euro  04. SHARRA PAGANO eclipse ring in brass 150 euro 05. SAINT LAURENT monogram signature ring in silvered brass 195 euro 06. MONICA VINADER siren wide band in 18ct Rose Gold Vermeil on Sterling Silver 178 euro 07. MAY MOMA eldorado pinkie ring in 24kt Gold pleated brass and Swarovski crystals 175 euro 08. MICHAEL KORS metal ring 129 euro 09. EMPORIO ARMANI bracelet in steel with pearl and swarovski 129 euro 10. UNO DE 50 ibiza bracelet in pewter plated with silver and leather 119 euro  11. ORTYS necklace in galvanised brass chain with Swarovski elements 165 euro in pearl silver  12. EMMA WARE oh necklace in soft rubber threaded into oxidized silver plated chain around 150 euro 

between 200 & 500 euro

From left to right

01. LANVIN hashtag necklace in brass 450 euro  02. MARNI necklace in metal, leather and glass 290 euro 03. ARMANI necklace in stainless steel 249 euro 04. ANNISA KERMICHE earring in 14kt gold and pearl 535 euro 05. MARNI bracelet in metal and rhinestones 290 euro  06. MASON MARGIELLA earrings in brass and crystals 290 euro 07. LOUIS VUITTON essential earrings in brass 395 euro 08. LOUIS VUITTON stone bracelet in brass 350 euro  09. MONICA CASTIGLIONI bronze ring 10. SHARRA PAGANO mimosa bracelet in brass 365 euro  11. GUCCI bamboo ring in silver 280 euro 12. FIRST PEOPLE FIRST bracelet in silver 360 euro

between 500 & 1,000 euro

From left to right:

01. AURÈLIE BIDERMANN necklace in brass and rock crystals 885 euro 02. BRUNELLO CUCINELLI necklace in silver, hematite and leather 763 euro 03. EMANUELE BICOCCHI fringe necklace 650 euro  04. JEAN PAUL GAULTIER reverse necklace, ruthenium plating circa 899 euro   05. LOUIS VUITTON malletage bracelet in brass 550 euro 06. LOUIS VUITTON malletage necklace in brass 995 euro  07. PETER PILOTTO gold plated choker circa 893 euro 08. LANVIN court net necklace with pendant in silk and swarovski 890 euro 09. TUTU ballerina earrings 891 euro  10. POMELLATO rouge passion ring in rose gold 711 euro  11. LUOIS VUITTON essential bracelet in brass and rhinestones 850 euro  12. HERMÈS filet d'or ring in rose gold 960 euro

between 1,000 & 2,000 euro

From left to right:

01. BRUNELLO CUCINELLI necklace in red glass 1690 euro 02. CORE COLLECTION moselle necklace, montana palladium plating circa 1670 euro 03. LUOIS VUITTON essential collier in brass 1250 euro  04. PASQUALE BRUNI amore necklace in white gold 1610 euro  05. BLISS winter time diamond collier in white gold 1149 euro 06. COMETE diamond earrings 1459 euro 07. MARCO BICEGO Jaipur earrings in yellow gold, amethyst, red tourmaline and yellow quartz 1582 euro 08. ROBERTO GIANNOTTI call the angles earrings in yellow gold 1800 euro  09 .DAMIANI D.icon ring in ceramic, diamond and white gold 1995 euro 10. POMELLATO capri ring in white ceramic and diamonds 1900 euro 11. GUCCI horse bit ring in yellow gold 1950 euro 12. POMELLATO nudo ring in rose gold with bezel in white gold and faceted white topaz 1320 euro 

between 2,000 & 10,000 euro

For left to right:

01. HERMÈS pendant in white gold and diamonds 3450 euro  02. BULGARI diva's dream necklace in rose gold, mother of pearl and pavè diamonds 2160 euro   

03. ANISSA KERMICHE choker in 14kt 2710 euro  04. CHANTECLER joyful ring in rose gold, diamond and coral 3200 euro  05. POMELLATO capri ring in rose gold and calcedony 7056 euro  06. DAMIANI D.lace ring in white gold, onyx and diamonds 4590 euro 07. DAMIANI paradise ring in white gold, sapphires and diamonds 8790 euro 08. CARTIER Panthère de Cartier ring in white gold, tsavorite garnets and onyx 6300 euro 09. MARCO BICEGO Goa ring in white gold and diamonds 5190 euro 10. PASQUALE BRUNI bon ton earrings in rose gold with amethyst, peridot and diamonds 7520 euro 11. CARTIER amulet ring in yellow gold with mother of pearl and diamond 2180 euro  12. PRIVATO GIOIELLI coco bracelets in gold, diamond and genuine crocodile leather 2600 euro

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