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Homi Fashion & Jewels - Moule Accessori
My new discovery at Homi Fashion & Jewels February 2020: Moule Accesori

Simona Randazzo Simona Randazzo is a jewelry designer. She is 29 years old and was born in Palermo, and has always been surrounded by the passion for jewelry. Since she was a little girl she used to watch the goldsmiths create handcrafted jewelry in her family’s laboratory, and she was dreaming of wearing them to feel like a woman. Today she has finally achieved her lifetime dream: she started her own business and created a brand using her own name, entering the custom jewelry market with...

May Moma may mOma collections finds its inspiration in the aesthetic manifestation of the Art Decò, reinterpreted in a deeply contemporary way. Jewelries delicately crafted from 24KGold plated brass and some with Swarovski crystals which will add a playful touch to your daily look. The dynamic and geometric designs associated with contemporary jewelry.