Nobahar Design on JVF - 2019

December 2109


Jewellery Virtual Fair

November 2019 Sogand Nobahar, when supertechnology meets with tradition



Nobahar Design on Vicenza Jewelry - 2019

November 2019



November 2019 Sogand Nobahar, when supertechnology meets with tradition



Nobahar Design on - 2019

Our pieces on Bruzz Bruxelles news with Farrah Floyd Concept Store


October 2019 

Nobahar Design on Vicenza Jewelry magazine - 2019

Year XIII, No. 36

Page 64-65



September 2019 

VJ Focus On

Nobahar Design on Collectiva Meeting - 2019

My Little Persia ring Page 75-75



September 2019 

Collectiva Meeting International Exhibition 2019

Nobahar Design on AW19 JEWELSTREET Lookbook - 2019

Fluidity Is The Way To Life Brooch in Brooching the brooch Page 37

MyCity Napoli Collection in Kitchy Cool section page 42


JewelStreet Lookbook

September 2019 

Autumn Winter Jewelry Trends

Nobahar Design Milano on PictonBeauty Magazine - 2019


 page 30-33

Back Cover


Picton Magazine

August 2019 

Nobahar Design on 18Karati Gold&Fashion - 2019

Italian Style of 18 Karati focus on nobahar Design Milano

July 2019 

My Little Persia rings inspired by Persian Silk carpets

Nobahar Design on Il Mattino - 2019

Satisfashion Monaco with alwaysupportalent

June 2019 

«SatisFashion»: lo stile di Napoli in passerella a Montecarlo

"MyCity Napoli" collection - 2019

Satisfashion Monaco runaway

June 2019 

Fashion runaway with alwasupportalent & Mystyle-events

Nobahar Design in summer selection of Ob-Fashion - 2019

the jewellery that makes your summer precious

June 2019 

article by Giulia Fucile


Nobahar Design new collection - 2019

alwaysupportalent capsule collection

May 2019 

New collection "Mycity Napoli" for satisfashion Monaco


"Bazar" limited editon cuff on microbo catalogue - 2019

redifinire il gioiello

microbo catalogue, page 52-69, May 2019 

4 Jewels

About Nobahar Design - 2019


May 2019 

article by Giulia Fucile

 "The Rebirth Of Lotus" cuff - 2019

London International Creative Competition

May 2019 

Honorable Mention in Fashion Design

Nobahar Design on ss19 summer collection - 2019

jewelstreet selection for summer

February 2019 

"MyCity Tehran" red thin cuff

Nobahar Design - 2019 



January 2019 

Presenting whole collection at D-space area of Palakiss during VicenzaOro winter