Nobahar Design on 18Karati Gold&Fashion - 2019

Italian Style of 18 Karati focus on nobahar Design Milano

July 2019 

My Little Persia rings inspired by Persian Silk carpets

Nobahar Design on Il Mattino - 2019

Satisfashion Monaco with alwaysupportalent

June 2019 

«SatisFashion»: lo stile di Napoli in passerella a Montecarlo

"MyCity Napoli" collection - 2019

Satisfashion Monaco runaway

June 2019 

Fashion runaway with alwasupportalent & Mystyle-events

Nobahar Design in summer selection of Ob-Fashion - 2019

the jewellery that makes your summer precious

June 2019 

article by Giulia Fucile


Nobahar Design new collection - 2019

alwaysupportalent capsule collection

May 2019 

New collection "Mycity Napoli" for satisfashion Monaco


"Bazar" limited editon cuff on microbo catalogue - 2019

redifinire il gioiello

microbo catalogue, page 52-69, May 2019 

4 Jewels

About Nobahar Design - 2019


May 2019 

article by Giulia Fucile

 "The Rebirth Of Lotus" cuff - 2019

London International Creative Competition

May 2019 

Honorable Mention in Fashion Design

Nobahar Design on ss19 summer collection - 2019

jewelstreet selection for summer

February 2019 

"MyCity Tehran" red thin cuff

Nobahar Design - 2019 



January 2019 

Presenting whole collection at D-space area of Palakiss during VicenzaOro winter