Designer's statement - Sogand Nobahar

My ideas may seem a tad eccentric, but my passion is to create unconventional design pieces that make a statement and inspires the user. 

Despite my deep interest in design coupled with my inherent ability to draw and paint, I choosed to study mathematics. But later pursued Industrial Design in Tehran, Iran and then moved to Italy to complete my education in design and engineering.

My trainings and experiences led to the birth of my brand "Nobahar Design Milano" in 2017, which expresses my look on life in a chaotic world.  

As Nassim Nicholas Taleb said:

“I want to live happily in a world I don’t understand.”


Is it unconventional? Well, I say let it be as unconventional as it is!design for sustainability - design thinking

Sogand Nobahar - unconventional contemporary designer - design for sustainability - design thinking
Designer Sogand Nobahar

Nobahar Design Milano

The name “Nobahar” is Persian and it means “New Spring.” It indicates new beginnings and rebirth. This is what Nobahar Design Milano is founded on. Giving birth to the new ideas.

Every design has a concept and every idea is crafted into a piece of design that represents it. 

Based on the concept of mix and match, Nobahar Design Milano creates unconventional jewelry and thoughtfuldesign pieces that combine innovation and tradition. 

The brand has been awarded and mentioned five times in international contests and has been a participant in over 30 exhibitions across Europe and Middle-East majorly in Switzerland, Germany, Iran and Italy.


Nobahar Design Milano tries to apply sustainability in every step of its design, production, and distribution process. All the pieces are produced with waste free energy-efficient manufacturing processes. Most of the production is made-to-order with the most innovative technologies, combining additive manufacturing techniques with manual manufacturing processes. 

Coloration process is done all manually using natural dyes or ecological acrylic colors which make most of the designs unique because with manual process and natural dyes is not possible to obtain the exact shade unless they have been dyed together. The packaging is made of recyclable materials and all made in Italy. 


By following all these steps, Nobahar Design Milano wants to provide unconventional, conceptual and high quality design items for the body and home that will last forever.

Nobahar Design Milano - unconventional contemporary design - design for sustainability - design thinking
Nobahar Design Milano jewelry packaging

Awards & Mentions

2017 March

Nobahar Design Milano first piece, limited edition "The Rebirth Of Lotus" cuff, a design dedicated to the violence against women, has been won first prize at "A Jewel For Life" internationl contest in Italy. This design is in 220 pieces, dedicated to the great empire of achamenid.


2017 October

Nobahar Design Milano limited edition "Fluidity Is the Way To Life" brooch, third award winner at "Venice Design Week, water, fluidity and transparency" international contest in Italy. This design is in 409 pieces, dedicated to the historial bridges of the venice.


2018 November

Nobahar Design Milano limited edition "BĀZAR" collection, a design dedicated to the architecture of bazaar's ceilings in Iran, has been awarded at Bijoux Museum in Italy. This collection is in 32 pieces dedicated to the anniversary of the Bijoux Museum.


2019 May

Nobahar Design Milano limited edition "The Rebirth Of Lotus" cuff, a design dedicated to the violence against women, has been awarded at London International Creative Competition 2018.


2019 October

Nobahar Design Milano CinCin brooch, a design dedicated to our quality moements together, has been selected for Avanguardia Wunderkammer contest during Milano jewelry Week 2019.


Bianca Cappello, Jewelry historian & Critic

Sogand Nobahar moves furthur away from traditional goldsmith techniques and explores, in a fresh way, additive manufacturing scenarios with which she realize her MyCity collection. In where jewels are shaped like the tallest tower of her city, Tehran, re-elaborated in an abstract key.

Using the same idea she also crafts other typical symbols of the old Persian tradition as seen in her "The Rebirth Of Lotus" cuff, where the section of the lotus flower become a bracelet symbolizing importance and dignity of women, as well as their fragile status. In "My Little Persia" collection Sogand looks into the complexity and preciousness of Persian tapestry artwork, creating herself small fragments, and placing them in 3D frames as wearable masterpieces.

From the book Splendida Persia, Visioni Nel Gioiello

about Sogand Nobahar Milan based contemporary designer
Bianca Cappello - Jewelry Historian & Critic

Giulia Fucile, Fashion Editor OB-Fashion

Nobahar Design Milano è un brand davvero interessante. Eclettico, originale, esclusivo proprio come la mente che l’ha progettato. Sogand Nobahar, la sua fondatrice, non si può infatti descrivere con una manciata di parole né inquadrare in termini predefiniti o convenzionali etichette. Lei è una brava designer ma anche un’artista, una maker, una ricercatrice, un ingegnere: una donna dalle mille potenzialità e dalle mille sfumature, come i suoi gioielli. Pezzi unici che vestono il corpo di un’eleganza diversa.

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about Sogand Nobahar Milan based contemporary designer
Giulia Fucile - Fashion Editor Ob-Fashion

Francesca Interlenghi, Fashion Editor, Professor, Performer

E' stato amore a prima vista con i gioielli di Nobahar Design: anticonvenzionali e contemporanei, alla moda ma accessibili, rispecchiano esattamente il mio modo di interpretare e indossare gli accessori. Abilissima nel combinare tradizione con innovazione, la designer Sogand sa rendere affascinanti tutte le sue creazioni custodendo in ognuna di esse un racconto, suggestivo e poetico, nel quale ogni donna può riconoscersi e riscoprirsi. Il suo lavoro è sintesi felice di maestria artigianale e ispirazione artistica, unisce un design moderno e sofisticato con certi dettagli che riprendono i valori del passato ed esaltandoli esaltano la storia. Versatili e funzionali, i suoi gioielli sembrano essere un inno alla libertà creativa. Come a dire: sii chiunque tu voglia essere! Senza condizionamenti, senza costrizioni, nemmeno estetiche.

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about Sogand Nobahar Milan based contemporary designer
Giulia Fucile - Fashion Editor Ob-Fashion