Nobahar Design Milano

The word "Nobahar" literally means "New Spring" which indicates a rebirth, a renewal, and a regrowth. These are the foundations on which Nobahar Design Milano is born.


Each design is built from a concept and every idea is translated into an object that represents it.

Nobahar Design Milano is based on the concept of mix and match, which is the combination of tradition and innovation in every aspect: materials, design, concepts & traditions. A new way of seeing and perceiving things, of interacting with the world around us and of building unique, identifying and expressive pieces.

There unconventional contemporary wearables and designs are fthe result of Persian culture and Italian studies, all Made in Italy.


Nobahar Design Milano awarded & nominated 4 times internationally since March 2017.

Nobahar Design Milano contemporary design packaging made in Italy

Designer's statement - Sogand Nobahar

I cannot say I'm an artist, nor a designer, nor an engineer. I think I represent a right mix of all these things.

Thanks to a my continious curiousity, I have always accepted the challenges that have arisen from time to time in my life and I have always dealt with new issues.


Despite a strong interest in craftwork and a natural predisposition to painting and drawing, I decided to study mathematics. Afterward I specialized in Industrial Design in Tehran (Iran) and completed my education in design and engineering in Italy.


A strongly interdisciplinary training and some subsequent work experiences led me to found the contemporary design brand, Nobahar Design Milano and not to identify myself in any scheme. 


As Nassim Nicholas Taleb claims:

“I want to live happily in a world I don’t understand.”


Is it unconventional? Well, let it be as unconventional as it is! 

about Sogand Nobahar Milan based contemporary Persian designer
Designer Sogand Nobahar


Bianca Cappello, Jewelry historian & Critic

Sogand Nobahar moves furthur away from traditional goldsmith techniques and explores, in a fresh way, additive manufacturing scenarios with which she realize her MyCity collection. In where jewels are shaped like the tallest tower of her city, Tehran, re-elaborated in an abstract key.

Using the same idea she also crafts other typical symbols of the old Persian tradition as seen in her "The Rebirth Of Lotus" cuff, where the section of the lotus flower become a bracelet symbolizing importance and dignity of women, as well as their fragile status. In "My Little Persia" collection Sogand looks into the complexity and preciousness of Persian tapestry artwork, creating herself small fragments, and placing them in 3D frames as wearable masterpieces.

From the book Splendida Persia, Visioni Nel Gioiello

about Sogand Nobahar Milan based contemporary designer
Bianca Cappello - Jewelry Historian & Critic

Giulia Fucile, Fashion Editor OB-Fashion

Nobahar Design Milano è un brand davvero interessante. Eclettico, originale, esclusivo proprio come la mente che l’ha progettato. Sogand Nobahar, la sua fondatrice, non si può infatti descrivere con una manciata di parole né inquadrare in termini predefiniti o convenzionali etichette. Lei è una brava designer ma anche un’artista, una maker, una ricercatrice, un ingegnere: una donna dalle mille potenzialità e dalle mille sfumature, come i suoi gioielli. Pezzi unici che vestono il corpo di un’eleganza diversa.

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about Sogand Nobahar Milan based contemporary designer
Giulia Fucile - Fashion Editor Ob-Fashion