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Carlo Zini is a jewelry artisan and designer from Milan whom over time has built unique brand and style which has

been followed by the most beautiful and important women in the world. Its bijoux has been published in the leading

fashion magazines showing the high quality of Made In Italy. 



It's been more than a month that I want to share some of my experiences during March & April but I was so busy with my exhibition for Milan's Design Week 2017, which was really satisfying for me! But anyhow better late than never no?

My first belate update is about an extraordinary exhibition in Casalmaggiore Museum, from an idea of the historian and jewelry critic "Bianca Cappello",  dedicated to Carlo Zini, which offers visitors many of his pieces from the 70's onwards.

It was a great pleasure for me to meet him in person, it is always a great feeling for me to meet this kind of people because it make me more inspired and more stronger to pursue my dream.

In the book of the Carlo Zini which you can buy it from museum, Bianca explains how he started from very young age pursuing his dream and despite of difficulties and crisis which lead him to change his job for a while, he continued to achieve what he always wanted. He started working as modeller at Diana Monili factory at the age of 16, and he opened his own laboratory when he turned 26.

"I am a man who was lucky enough to achieve his dream" says Carlo.

The success brought Carlo to extend his production by creating bags and accessories. Produced in precious textiles, they are embellished with original elements, rhinestones and crystals; unique pieces that soon become collectables.

Carlo's bijoux, during the late 70s, have definitely a romantic flavour, inspired by the 1800 and early 1900's french sophisticated jewelry. Only during 80s his production starts acquiring more important sizes: by freely using rhinestones, enamel, gemstones and corals. He lives by his philosophy of not creating simple jewelry but real toys for adults. According to Carlo bijoux need to be playful, ironic, surprising and exaggerated in order to create a shock effect, which did happen in front of a showcase where some of his necklaces and earrings were exposed during New Year in 2000.


If you like to buy some of his designs you can stop by his showroom at "Via Cadore 31, 20135 Milan MI Italy" or simply take a look at these websites:


My visit to the Museum of Casalmaggiore

Book: Great Italian Costume Jewellers - Carlo Zini - by Bianca Cappello


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