third prize winner limited edition brooch Fluidity is the way to life Italian design

Fluidity Is The Way To Life


Limited Edition Piece - Galleries Piece

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Third prize winner of 2017 Venice design Week Jewelry Selection


Feel the movement and be fluid in your life

The Concept

FITWTL is a brooch for every occasion, designed for women that wear jewels with every dress and are not interested in stones or materials, but rather on the

concept that inspired the object.


As for the colour, a right combination of black & blue, inspired by the ocean and the sea and in line with Fall / Winter 2017-2018 trend, represents the best choice for my brooch.

Fluidity teaches us to live flowing in a rigid world.

So many things happen in the surrounding world, and so quickly, that we can no longer afford the luxury of reacting to every circumstance. If we react to any cause, our life would consist of nothing but a great drama after another. So what joy, happiness and satisfaction could there be?

Owning a symbol of fluidity, which we can feel and touch, helps us to remember that staying fluid in a difficult situation is the best choice and that in life in general it is advisable to let the difficulties flow, instead of always fighting.


What is soft is strong.



This brooch is produced in a limited edition, in only 409 pieces dedicated to the city of Venice. A unique water city, of which we could not feel the magic, the beauty and the rarity without its historical bridges that allow us to reach up to its heart. Venice is made up of an archipelago of 118 islands and 177 canals, connected by 409 bridges.


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Measurements are in mm

Material: Manual Dyed Sintered Polymer