3D Printed Design Wall Panels

3D printed art panel-production process-relief-Nobahar Design Milano-contemporary design-design thinking
3D printed art panel production process in red

3D printed wall panels are originally designed to demonstrate in summary the production process of Nobahar Design Milano's jewelry pieces..

Further on, the designer, Sogand Nobahar, found the idea fascinating for people who looks for something modern, innovatiove and different to decorate they spaces. So she decided to use all the prototype pieces that she had from jewelry production process, and turn them in unique, colorful and bold decorative wall panels.

Most of the pieces are one-of-a-kind designs and some are in limited edition, all certified and signed by the designer. 

Materials: Plant based, biodegradable plastic (PLA) on canvas.


Pease do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Wall Panel of "Fluidity Is The Way To Life" brooch - 28cm X 35cm

Wall Panel of "MyCity Napoli" ring in red - 15cm x 15cm

Wall Panels of first prototypes of "Fluidity Is The To Life" brooch - 15cm X 20cm

Wall Panels of "MyCity Tehran" ring - 70cm X 70cm

Wall Panels of "MyCity Tehran" cuff - 100cm X 150cm