Egg Patterns 2D Printed Wall Panels

Nobahar Design Milano-Contemporary design patterns-Eggs-design thinking
One of the Tro Etru Eggs canvas with Etru rings designed for the museum

Nobahar Design Milano is founded on the meaning of new beginnings, renewal, rebirth and regrowth. Based on these concepts, the designer Sogand Nobahar for the contemporary pattern on canvas, decided to choose the important symbol for rebirth which has an important meaning in all the culture, The Egg.

Below you can see the "Trio Etru Eggs". These designs are inspired by the colors and lines of the Etruscan vases in National Archaeological Museum of Adria, and designed for the contest of Venice Design Week 2019.

Etruscans too used the symbolism of the egg for the same intention in other periods and cultures; rebirth & renewal.

The illustrations are printed on 50mm x 70mm canvas in limited quantity with authenticity certificate, signed by the designer.


These canvases can be made-to-order in your request size. Pease do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

"Trio Etru Eggs" Pattern on Canvas