LOLITA hoop earrings designed for Paris Fashion Week 2020


The circle is a representation of one of the most difficult concepts for the human mind to understand: the idea of infinity and eternity. The circle projects us out of ordinary and daily time: prefiguring the concept of "eternal return".  

Because of this feeling the designer Sogand Nobahar as always played with the sense of touching. She created free hoops in this design to give the possibility to user to touch them and play with them. 


Why calling them “Lolita”? Because the word “hoop” immediately reminds us the hoola hoop, invented by Richard Knerr and Arthur Melin after the war, and very popular with the youths in the 60s. specially the image of a young, flirty Lolita, in the film directed by Stanley Kubrick, who seduces her stepfather moving sinuously with her hula hoop. A movement that attracts right away his attention.* Hoops represent strong women.


These earrings are created using Additive Manufacturing, a process that has minimal impact on the environment. Post-production and coloration all have been done by the designer and most of the colors are obtained through natural dying process.





Event AlwaySupporTalent, MyStyle Event

Dress Anita Anousheh