My Little Perfume Rings Inspired By Mohammadi Rose

Nobahar-Design-Milano-MyCity-Napoli-moodboard -Daily wearable design
Jewelry design moldboard - design process - design thinking

My Little Perfume ring is inspired by Mohammadi Rose, whose common name is Rosa Damascena. The Mohammadi Rose is extremely valuable to the Persian people because not only has it been used for years to treat certain ailments, it is also of symbol beauty, love, purity, and faith. 

For centuries, the Iranian people have used this rose to produce rosewater. The cities of Qamsar and Kashan located in the province of Isfahan are the biggest producers in the country. There is a ceremony held each year in Kashan called Golabgiri, which celebrates the making of rosewater. The annual event attracts thousands of visitors who come to see how it is prepared. During this time, the essence of the rose can be smelled throughout Kashan.  

My Little Perfume is created using Additive Manufacturing. The artist uses this technology because it gives her the freedom to create innovative designs that tell a story.