MtCity Napoli Collection Inspired By Piazza Del Plebiscito

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Moodboard for MyCity Napoli Collection Daily wearable design

Moving away from your birth home to settle in a new city is a soul-stirring experience. It is like drinking a cool glass of water on a hot summer’s day. It is refreshing and invigorating.

 But with it also comes a longing and desire to have something that reminds you of home. The nostalgic feelings and memories are ever lingering. 

And this is the message the designer, Sogand Nobahar conveys in her My City collection. Her ingenious and provocative contemporary pieces are inspired by architectural influences with a touch of nostalgia.

Sogand describes her designs as unconventional. They are designed for peoplewho want to make a bold statement without overwhelming their individual style. 

The collection is dedicated to people who have built new lives away from their old towns but want something that reminds them of where they came from. 


My City Napoli

Inspired by the Francesco di Paola church situated at the heart of Piazza del Plebiscito, this is the second line of the My City collection. It consists of a series of rings and cuffs that take the architectural form of the church.  

The collection revives sentimentality and portrays symbolism. And like the first line, the pieces in this

collection are for people who want to make a bold statement and who appreciate wearable architectural designs.   

Photography Credits

Belvedere Communication