My Inner Freedom Brooch, Presented In Milan Fashion Week 2019 With Alwaysupportalent

Nobahar-Design-Milano-My Inner Freedom - Enso brooch-moodboard
My Inner Freedom - Enso brooch-moodboard

My Inner Freedom Brooch is inspired by the ENSO & DERVISHES DANCE, which represent freedom, enlightenment, and individuality.


The Enso circle on the brooch represents our inner self. It is an expression of our creativity when our minds are free of thought.

The circular motion of The Dervishes Dance symbolizes spiritual freedom. It signifies the abandonment of one’s ego and personal desires by focusing on love and embracing our innermost selves.

These are the concepts this limited edition is based on.

Only 10 pieces are available and they come in varying colors.


To have of one this limited edition piece, please contact us for further information. 


Photography Credits

Sogand Nobahar