Aquamarine & Bloodstone

March's birthstones are aquamarine and bloodstone. These stones symbolise courage.

Aquamarine, a stone of natural justice, Aquamarine utilizes compromise and negotiation, and gives quiet courage and clear reasoned words in confrontational situations.

Bloodstone is regarded as a gem of noble sacrifice and can offer courage and solace to all who are called to give of themselves for the good of others. It elicits the highest, most altruistic character of those who wear or carry it.

Aquamarine and bloodstone the dazzling birthstones of March. Opposites, aquamarine is a cool, clear blue while bloodstone echos the deep, vibrant forests and woodlands.



The name "aquamarine" comes from the Latin words "aqua" - water and 'mare' - the sea and refers to its sparkling ocean-like color. The pale blue, transparent crystal is a member of the Beryl family, though the Beryl family forms in other colors used as gems, such as green Emerald, yellow Heliodor and Golden Beryl, pink Morganite, Red Beryl or Bixbite, and the colorless variety, Goshenite. Its color, sometimes bluish green, is caused by iron oxides within the chemical makeup of the stone.

Aquamarine is an ancient talisman used by the Romans to purify water, and to guarantee safety when traveling by sea. It was carried by sailors as a talisman against drowning.


COLOR: Aquamarine’s preferred color is a moderately strong dark blue to slightly greenish blue.

CLARITY: Most cut gems are eye-clean. Large examples are available without visible inclusions.

CUT: Because aquamarine’s color is light, cutting is important and well-cut gems show brilliance. It usually cut into various shapes such as emerald, round, cushion, pear or other oval, rectangular and square shapes.

CARAT: Aquamarine crystals range from tiny to very large—some even up to 45 kg.





The center aquamarine in Queen Elizabeth’s aquamarine tiara was a coronation gift from the President and the people of Brazil in 1953.


The largest aquamarine of gemstone quality ever mined was found in Marambaia, Minas Gerais, Brazil, in 1910. It weighed over 110 kg, and its dimensions were 48.5 cm long and 42 cm in diameter. The largest cut aquamarine gem is the Dom Pedro aquamarine, now housed in the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History.


Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1,847-carat aquamarine was a 1935 gift from the Brazilian government. Courtesy of Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. 


A 148.50-ct gem shown at the 1893 Columbian Exhibition by Tiffany & Co., now at the Field Museum of Natural History. - "Gems and Gemstones: Timeless Natural Beauty of the Mineral World" by Grande & Augustyn, U of Chicago Press. 


Largest North American near-flawless faceted aquamarine, displayed at the Field Museum. - "Gems and Gemstones: Timeless Natural Beauty of the Mineral World" by Grande & Augustyn, U of Chicago Press.

Bloodstone (Heliotrope) may be classified as a Jasper or Chalcedony variety of Quartz, and is usually a combination of the two. It is typically defined as a dark green Chalcedony with blood-like spots of Red Jasper or iron oxide inclusions. It occurs as massive formations, ranging from dark green to greenish-blue or greenish-black, and may be translucent to opaque with a waxy, resinous luster. In addition to the spots and streaks of Red Jasper, some formations contain inclusions that are yellow or white, while others lacking inclusions may be entirely green. Bloodstone has been referred to as Blood Jasper and specimens with only yellow inclusions have been called Plasma. In the ancient world it was considered to be a semi-precious stone or gem, and was used extensively as signet seals and in jewelry, as well as being carved into decorative cups, small vases and statuettes.

Bloodstone stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition. It is marvelous for increasing creativity and cultivating a project from the idea stage through to actualization. It encourages blessings and prosperity.

The primary source of the stone is India. It is also found in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Australia, and the United States. There is also an outcrop of bloodstone on the Isle of Rum, in Scotland.


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