Moule Accessori at Homi Fashion & Jewels

Homi Fashion & Jewels - Moule Accessori
Homi Fashion & Jewels - Moule Accessori


My new discovery at Homi Fashion & Jewels February 2020: Moule Accesori

homi_beasweetheart Palazzo Giureconsuleti
Palazzo Giureconsuleti - Photo credits: HOMI MILANO

 Credit: Moule Accessori

I always try to visit Homi t discover new materials and new designers. It is a great source go inspiration visiting the exhibition and fairs in your field. Now Homi separated the Fashion & Jewels section and they exhibit this part of the industry close to Milan Fashion Week which makes more sense of course.

The old Homi Esperimenta area at Homi Fashion, now is New Craft area, I think I liked it more before because of the concept. Esperimenta presented more the meaning of  new ideas and materials. However this is not something that I want to go in detail.

This year I met a really interesting brand MOULE ACCESORI. A brand which is handled by a father & his daughter; as always the beauty of Italian handicrafts which is in this family small businesses that created the real MADE IN ITALY once.

Gioacchino Amadeo is a Calabrian sculptor with a deep passion and experience in the field and he decided to apply his art and talent into small wearable pieces. They are working on different collections, The basic collection which is with laser cut technique and mainly in plexiglass, the other is always with plexiglass but after the cutting phase they formed manually in to one of a kind pieces and the other collection is with the mix of plexiglass and small metal sculptures. He mainly get inspired by nature which Giacchino apply his touch during the process.

You can see here a small video go him which he explain how he worked on the Sculpture collection.


And guess what? That beautiful one of a kind black ring from Texture collection is mine now ;)

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