About Sogand Nobahar, her interests. as unconventional as it is.



I cannot say I'm an artist, nor a designer, nor an engineer. I think I represent a right mix of all these things.

Thanks to a curious and highly dynamic mentality, I have always accepted the challenges that have arisen from time to time in my life and I have always dealt with new issues effectively.

Despite a strong interest in craftwork and a natural predisposition to painting and drawing, I decided to study mathematics. I subsequently specialized in Industrial Design in Tehran (Iran) and completed my training in design and engineering in Italy.


A strongly interdisciplinary training and some subsequent work experiences led me to found Nobahar Design and not to identify myself in any scheme.


As Nassim Nicholas Taleb claims:

“I want to live happily in a world I don’t understand.”


Is it unconventional? Well, let it be as unconventional as it is! 

Sogand Nobahar persian designer
Designer Sogand Nobahar