The Rebirth Of Lotus

The Rebirth Of Lotus Cuff

Limited Edition Piece 


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First prize winner of 2017 national contest in Italy


The story of the resilient woman

The battle against violence against women must be fought above all by women. We must never again be silent in the face of abuse and violence, but we must find the strength to react and to recover, just like a lotus flower that is born and reborn from the mud. 


The Color

White, symbol of start and novelty.


The Production

This bracelet is produced in a limited edition of only 220 pieces. The reason behind this choice is a tribute to the glorious Achaemenid Empire, the ancient Persian Empire that survived for 220 years. Persepolis clay tablets testify in depth the role of women during that period and gender equality. 


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The Rebirth Of Lotus MEDIUM

The Rebirth Of Lotus LARGE

Material: Manual Dyed Sintered Nylon Powder